Best Hair Color Trends in 2019 in South Burlington, VT from Snow Bunny Blonde & Copper Highlights to Jet Black

When it comes to your hair color, you have countless options to make it more unique and spin your personality. There is a wide range of color options from solid colors, to multiple colors with the use of highlighting techniques. No matter what you are looking for, the licensed professionals at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique can help you get the hair color of your dreams. Enhancing your natural beauty is achieved with many technical hair color service options, and with our vast menu, you can find the right custom color option for you. Today, we would like to share the top hair color trends of 2019.

Popular Hair Color Trends for Short & Long Lengths

1) Living Coral Hair Color. The living coral hair color is an edgier version of the very popular pastel pink that many of us have become attached to. Where it is an attention grabber and empowers your confidence, this color is still an every day color that is wearable and soft. It will enhance everyone’s eye colors and soften all skin types. However, living coral is optimally worn on those with neutral or warm skin tones, however, it can be easily adjusted by adding a bit of pink to cool it down, or some more orange to warm it up accordingly.
2) Dirty Blonde Hair Color. Without fully committing to a whole new shade, highlights are the happy medium of elevating your hair color. Look for a rooted golden blonde or a dirty blonde for the blondes. When you shadow the roots to make it slightly darker than the ends, as the hair is always brighter along the hairline, you get a longer wear out of your highlights. Since you are keeping your natural base color, these colors can work on all skin tones. Go with a neutral to warm highlights, if you have cooler skin tones.
3) Copper Highlights. Go for more golden and coppery highlights if you are naturally a brunette. To avoid looking brassy, you will need more piecier highlights as opposed to too many highlights.
4) Snow Bunny Blonde Hair Trend. With a slight hint of baby blue, heavily highlighted powdery blonde gives the color a very pale look. Instead of an ashy blonde it is a more neutral, white blonde. This hair color is particularly stunning on paler skin tones and neutral to pink skin tones. Go with a more neutral blonde or white rather than the bluish white when you need to modify the color for other skin tones.
5) Jet Black Hair Color. On the opposite side of the color spectrum, jet black is a rich, bold color. The hair color took this past winter season by storm and is holding strong as we continue to progress into the new year. Because black will give the shine you want for the style, this shade of black goes well with the glass hair trend. The richness of the color, however, can washout most skin tones. It is optimally used on olive skin tones, to add warmth to your skin. If you love the jet black hair color, use self-tanner or bronzer.

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