Bleaching Hair at Home VS Our Salon in South Burlington, VT; Drugstore Hair Dye is Damaging & More!

One of the hottest trends is for people to take their hair to bright blonde. Most people want to start to lighten their hair in the summer to get out and enjoy the sun. The lighter the hair the more damage that is done to your natural hair. No matter what you are doing to your hair if you use bleach it can start to damage your hair. You want to have your hair in the best condition and that means that as you go to have your hair done you do what you can to make sure that you mitigate the damage. Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment & Boutique outlines what you can do to protect your hair from bleach.

What is Bleaching Your Hair?

Your hair follicles have pigment in them that make them the color that comes out of your head. The color that you have may not be what you want and that is why there is bleach. The bleach that is used on your hair will take the pigment from each piece. The bleach is mixed with a developer with is a chemical reaction. The reaction will pull the pigment from the hair leaving it void of color so that you then can create a color that you want.

Bleaching Hair at Home VS Salon

If you are tired of your hair color and you want to lighten your hair up it is best to use a professional service. One of the harshest things that you can use on your hair is bleach and a do it yourself can go badly. You want to make sure that you go to a pro so that they can use their expertise and knowledge to treat your hair while protecting it. There are many horror stories of home bleaching that have ended up burning the hair so much that it breaks off at the roots. Leave the bleaching to the pros.

Drugstore Hair Dye Products are Damaging

If you go to a hair dresser to have your hair done they want to know if you have used any drug store hair color on your hair. The problem is that there is no way to understand how the chemicals they mixed will work for your hair. These box dyes are not mixed specific for your hair and it can make it difficult to correct when you see the hair dresser.

How Long Does it Take to Bleach Hair at a Salon?

When you go in to have your hair lightened you want to make sure that you know what to expect. The work that it takes to take someone’s hair from a brown to a blonde is a process that likely will not be done in a single visit. You want your hair to remain healthy and that is why you have to take your hair light in steps. You want to talk to your hair dresser about the visits that it will take to get you from your current color to the lighter blonde that you want.

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