CBD Cream for Pain in South Burlington, VT; History & Use of CBD Strains in Topical Salve Ointment, Oil, Lotion & More

Many people have aches and pains that traditional pain medicated creams or oral pain killers simply cannot touch. Using topical CBD ointment, derived from cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana should be considered. Hed2Toe Salon and Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to share more.

CBD Salve Ointment

To relieve several problems like soreness, inflammation, and irritated skin, CBD ointment is a safe, easy-to-use topical agent that can be applied to almost any bodily area. The “high” effects that cannabis ingestion does via smoking, vaporizing or eating edibles is not produced when applied directly to the skin. This is a great alternative for people who need pain relief without wanting the THC high.

History of CBD Cream for Pain

Dating back thousands of years, topical cannabis has been used. It’s been traditionally used as a medicinal component to existing remedies such as ointments, salves and tinctures in addition to the primary form of ingestion which has always been smoking. For its antibiotic, antiseptic, and pain-relieving properties to treat bacterial infections, skin infections, foot inflammation and localized pain, topical use has been linked to Europe, ancient Egypt, and other parts of Africa. Ancient civilizations relied on plant medicines for their natural therapies and in many instances, it is a shame it is not still relied on in some cases. We are seeing substantial new interest in cannabis-derived topical therapies with the legalization efforts succeeding nationwide.

Benefits of CBD Use

Pain is eliminated, circulation enhanced, cellular activity regeneration is done with CBD that contains anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. By using CBD ointments and other CBD infused topicals, there are a wide variety of conditions that can be treated. Though the list is long, below are among the most commonly treated issues.
– Mental disorders (depression, PTSD, anxiety)
– Menstrual cramps
– Localized joint pain, arthritis pain, inflammation muscle soreness, sprains and other mild injuries.
– Hemorrhoids
– Migraines
– Skin conditions such as dermatitis, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, fungal infections, blisters
– Seizures
– Nerve pain/sciatica
– Muscle spasms
– Multiple sclerosis
– Faster healing of wounds, scrapes, cuts, and bruises.
– Earaches
– Chronic pain

Best CBD Strains

1) Charlotte’s Web: This potent CBD strain produces no psychoactive effects and is optimal to treat neuropathic pain, migraines, and, maybe most effectively epilepsy as it has less than 0.3% of THC.
2) ACDC: Considered to be the most effective for pain relief, this is a hybrid of THC and CBD. In addition to heightening focus, this strain also produces relaxation and euphoria.
3) Harlequin: Harlequin’s especially useful in treating inflammatory-based pain like arthritis or fibromyalgia as a sativa-based strain with a CBD and THC ratio of 5:2. Energy increases and focused is enhanced, its psychoactive properties are euphoria.

How to Apply CDB Topical Ointment

When liberally applied to the affected area, topical CBD absorbs into the skin and is really successful. To remove any excess dirt, oil buildup, or previously applied CBD lotions or topical creams, be sure to first wash the area with soap and water when using topicals. This optimizes absorption by removing potential barriers.
Adult Application. Before covering with clothing and/or bandages so it doesn’t rub off, generously rub the ointment onto the affected area and allow it to absorb for several minutes. Monitor area for potential reactions such as redness, soreness, itchiness, rashes or bumps.
Children / Elderly Application. Apply smaller amounts so they don’t over medicate since their skin is naturally thinner.
Depending on the dosage, how often it’s used, and severity of your condition, the ointment can take anywhere from 1-48 hours to provide relief once applied. Usually ranges from 1-3 times a day to as needed, ointment producers typically list the recommended rate of use. It is recommended to begin with doses as low as 2-3mgs then increase the amount if needed.

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