Good Hair Day Psychology in South Burlington, VT; How Does Hair Affect Confidence & Self Esteem & More

Whether you think it is superficial or not, having a good hair day truly offers a good feeling to men and women alike. When people have a number of bad hair days, they usually know it is time to hit the salon. Today, we at Hed2toe Salon and Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to discuss the psychology involved with a good hair day.

Meaning of Having a Good Hair Day

People’s self-image goes way back to ancient history. Elaborate wigs were signs of status and wealth as long ago as Greek and Roman times. Worn like a crown, beautiful hair was associated with royalty. For example, symbolizing supernatural strength was Samson’s long hair, and the thick, black locks were famous for Cleopatra. Upper class men and women wore white, curly wigs during American Colonial times. As a sign of wisdom and sophistication, political figures and judges also adorned them. It is likely to continue to impact how we view ourselves today with the decorative, attractive hair being highly valued throughout history.

How We View Hair

Noting its role biologically is another way to understand the psychology behind hair. We instinctively view babies born with thick hair as heartier for instances. We continue to see hair growth as a signal of good health as children grow. Associated with female sensuality and sexuality is luscious thick hair. Entering midlife, is thinning or losing hair as it is associated with aging, loss of health, decreased fertility and virility.

Hair as a Sign of Good Health

The feature considered most important in terms of first impressions is the hair framing the face. When it comes to attraction between people, faces generally are viewed as playing a greater role than bodies. Hair is among the top three features, along with height and weight, that is used to describe someone.

How Does Hair Affect Confidence & Self Esteem?

Being strongly connected to confidence and positive self-esteem is our sense of attractiveness. One way most of us can be in charge, many men and women associate confidence with feeling in control, and hair is does that. Hair is controlled through curling, straightening, and styling and hair can be altered through cutting, coloring and highlighting for instance. Contributing to feeling that way internally, styled, well-kept hair gives us the external appearance of being well managed.

Does Hair Growth Slow Down with Age?

Inevitably, there is loss with aging, such as decreasing strength, flexibility, height, cognition and acuity. With changes that are inevitable, even people in very good health are faced with dealing. For most aging people, a lot can be done, without too much time, effort or money to enhance hair style, though hair loss, thinning and graying are natural consequences. Though some options can make a huge difference in how we feel about our aging appearance enhancements to our hair are much less radical, unlike surgical and cosmetic interventions that are used to update other physical features.

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When you find your good hair days are few and far between, Hed2toe Salon and Luxury Consignment Boutique can assist you. We look forward to giving you the perfect cut and enhancing your hair with color once the shelter in place orders are lifted. Until then, Anne Roberts can offer you to-go color service for self-application as well as spray and stick products to help with roots and also products to keep hair healthy. Please call her for curbside pickup or if you need other assistance at (802) 316-1533!

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