How to Avoid Hair Regret in South Burlington, VT Such as DIY Fringe Bangs, Bad DIY Hair Dye Job & More

Everyone experiences regret at some time or another when it comes to their hair. Whether you tried bangs, an unflattering hair color, or went too short, regrets are common. Today, we at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to share some of the common hair regrets to help you avoid them.

Don’t Attempt DIY Fringe Bangs

People always play with their bangs. Textured bangs are usually popular and quite a few people want to experiment with the bangs. Unfortunately, especially when trying it yourself, bangs are likely to be too short and possibly uneven. Below are a few fixes.
1) To hide any uneven cuts, turn your fringe into a sweeping side fringe. As a quicker than waiting for it to grow out the front, your hair may take a few days to be trained to stay to the side. Utilize hairspray set and rock a curled short bang. Book an appointment with your hair stylists.
2) On the top of your head for a sleek, grab your fringe, twist it round and pin it back. Add a section of your long hair and use a pompadour if you want more oomph.
3) French braid it to the side and pin it underneath the rest of your hair for a chic boho look if your fringe isn’t too short.
4) With your longer, create a deep side parting, and cover your fringe. Hold it all in place with a hair grip if necessary.
5) Cover it up with a fake if all the above fails.

Bad DIY Hair Dye Job

There are many people who try to dye their own hair and it often is nothing like that what they expected. Below are a few fixes.
Green hair. Your hair may just turn green if you are blonde and use a brown dye without enough red pigment. You need to apply a warm mahogany color to counteract the green. Avoid dyes that are cool or ashy.
Gray or blue hair. It could turn a nasty shade of grey or blue if you use too much platinum or blue toner on your blonde hair. Strip the hair with a shampoo that specifically removes product build up in this situation. Use baby shampoo, baby bath or Head & Shoulders. Shampoo your hair 5-10 times before deep conditioning if you do not have clarifying shampoo. Use a warm blonde dye if this still doesn’t work. Avoid dyes that are describe ash, cool, or platinum, instead consider dyes with honey, warm, caramel.
Red, orange or yellow hair. You’ll need a blue or purple toned shampoo to counteract the red and correct your color. Mix together a little dishwashing detergent with some baking soda and apply like shampoo if after a couple of washes it’s no better. Rinse quickly.
Bleach damage. Bleaching, especially DIY bleaching will dry out the hair and cause damage. We cannot deny that bleaching can severely damage hair. Follow these great tips to get it back to its natural condition if your hair is looking dull, damaged or straggly from using too much bleach.

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Make sure to trim / cut the hair to get rid of the harsh damage. Use keratin-based shampoos and conditioners and moisture masks. Weekly conditioning treatments with hair serum containing argan oil is a great idea. Avoid blow drying and heat styled tools. If you need help restoring your hair after a regrettable experience, book your appointment with Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique today.

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