Quarantine Hair Tips in South Burlington, VT; Hide Gray Color Roots & Growth, Fade Haircut Tips & More

The quarantine has been a different point of view of life for many people. Some take it in stride, where others are struggling. Whether you are comfortable spending most of your time at home, quite a few are feeling the absence of hair salons and barber shops. Initially, the grown-out haircuts and the fine line of the color’s demarcation were tolerable, however, now, more and more people are trying their hand with DIY haircuts and dye-kits. Today, we at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to offer some insight with doing your hair at home.

Hide Your Gray Hair Color & Growth

Ultimately, wearing hats when you head out, gelling your hair, or tying up the loose strands to wait for a professional to get your gorgeous, well-maintained hair back to its normal state is in your better interests. Where we are not advocating doing DIY hair solutions, we do understand that many will be desperate and do their hair or a family members hair. Below are a few reluctant tips in the hopes that you can do it without too much regret.

How to Trim Bangs Between Haircuts

When it comes to cutting your own hair, or attempting to cut a family member’s hair, remember, you can always take a little more off, but too short can be worse than grown out hair. If you do not have a pair of shears, resist using sewing or kitchen scissors. It would be better to use cuticle scissors to take small bits off. Use the point cut method; instead of straight across, point the scissors upward taking maybe 1/8-1/4 inch of length off at a time. If you make a mistake, it will not be so obvious with the point cutting and it gives you more control of what to cut.

Fade Haircut

Guard #2 is safe for those that like a close buzz without flirting too close to the scalp showing. Start the fade at the nape and as you get to the middle of the ears; switch to the #3 guard; switch to your #4 guard and just go straight up once you reach the crown. The technique the clippers include making the shape of an upside-down triangle with the smaller point of the triangle at the nape of the neck and getting wider as you get to the top of the head. If you like it short on top, start with the largest guard (likely a #8), and lower the number until you get to the preferred length.

Can You Dye Your Hair at Home By Yourself?

Highlights should wait until the salons are open and though we encourage you wait to do your hair color to cover the gray, consider using a box dye kit that is a shade or two lighter than your ends. Use the I-Zone, which is your front hairline, down your part in the middle of your scalp and another line at the back of your head with the bottle applicator and now with 4 parts of the hair, start in one section and apply the color to the roots every ¼” parts. Repeat the application until your roots are covered in all four sections.

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