Shopping Designer Fashion Clothing & Accessories; Consignment VS Resale in South Burlington, VT

Everyone loves to shop for great products at bargain prices! When looking for a great deal and beautiful clothing, top of the line shoes, handbags and jewelry, you will often look at consignment stores or resale stores. For many, knowing the difference can lead to some confusion and a number of different questions. Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique will share the major differences between consignment and resale stores and where you can find some of the best deals. Both consignment stores and resale stores accept high quality used clothing, accessories, and shoes. Both types of stores will look for genuine name-brand items to sell. Both stores offer great deals on both vintage as well as the latest fashions. However, there are a number of major differences that can help the shopper find the right product.

Who Has Possession of Fashion Items

When shopping through a consignment store, the product doesn’t directly belong to the seller but the consignor. Anybody can be a consignor. A person can go down to a consignment store and see what their item might sell for. They can see how the consignment store advertises and makes the sale, and the percentage that is then split between the consignor and the consignment store. If a product never sells, the item can then be returned to the owner. A resale store is much different. Instead, the owner buys the items outright and when the item is sold, they keep all of the profits. As a shopper, this bit of detail doesn’t affect them. However consignment stores are a great way to help the local community.

Consignment & Resale Pricing for Women’s Clothing & Accessories

With a consignment, the seller will have limited control on how much they can sell their product for. Essentially, items are considered used even though they may never have been worn a single day. Therefore, they must be sold a used value. Additionally, a good consignment store will know the current value of an item and better know how much it can sell for. Both the consignor and consignment store are trying to make a sale. You will know that they will never offer a product at to low or too high a cost. When a seller goes to a resale store, the store will give a set price, typically under the value they will sell it for. There is a little bit less wiggle room when selling items through a resale where a consignment store can speak with a consignor and negotiate final price.

Business Operations of Fashion Consignment & Resale

The approach to the business operations for consignments and resale stores are also very different. Resale stores will buy products in bulk and not always take the time to access each item. They are cleaned and priced. They then quickly put the items on the store racks. With a consignment store the approach to the items is much different. They will often schedule a time to appraise each item to ensure the items quality. This is so they know they are selling quality products to their buyers while helping their community. Consignment stores aren’t worried about quantity, they worry more about quality.

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When looking for quality products at a great price, consider being part of your local community and check out your local consignment stores. When looking for name-brand clothing, purses, jewelry and more, come down and see Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique today.

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