Zoom Meeting or Video Conference Dress Code Outfits & Cute Work from Home Hairstyles in South Burlington, VT

As a must in current times, zoom and other video conferencing programs are relied on and is the new way to stay connected in both social and professional realms. Ensuring the background is not disruptive and the lighting and sound is right all play a role while engaging in a meeting. Where you want to still look professional but stay comfortable working out of your home, you may need some tips to help achieve the look. With this in mind, we at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to discuss a few tips for your professional zoom meeting look.

How to Look Better on Zoom

Generally, it does not matter if you are wearing pajama bottoms, leggings, jeans, or skirts, the presentation on the torso up is what matters. Fabrics, patterns, colors, and other elements provide a professional look.
1) Have plenty of neck between chin and blouse without neckline being too low. Anything that hides your neck like buttoned-up collared shirts, turtlenecks, mock necks, and bow-neck blouses should be avoided. This helps you from looking like a floating head. Cleavage, slipping necklines to showcase bra straps, or a neckline so wide or low that the blouse begins below the camera line are not professional options for your zoom meeting.
2) Wear a blouse with sleeves. The focus can be brought back to your face with a blouse with at least a cap sleeve. Instead of the star of the call, sleeves of the same color and print as the body of your blouse will be an accent.
3) Stay away shiny fabrics. The casual feel of a t-shirt or a pique golf shirt, the slightly sheer top’s transparency, and the shine of a satiny blouse, is sensitive to webcams. Being usually machine washable and resistant to wrinkles, the matte jersey, crepe, and polyester knits will look good on camera.
4) Avoid clothing that is too fitted. Depending on your setup of lighting, chair, and desk, your sitting position can be hard to manage the fitted and/or non-stretchy tops. While sitting at your desk, stay away from tops that have buttons gape or shoulders that pull.
5) Wear colors and prints. You’re in your home office or at your dining table with your mediocre-resolution laptop camera. Especially if you are taking your calls in front of a blank wall in your home, color and print can actually be a happy distraction and will brighten your face.

Cute Zoom Hairstyles

Whether you want to spend time on your hair or not is entirely up to your preferences. When you’re home, you tend to want to be comfortable, but for your zoom meetings, you need the professional appearance. Sleek ponytails, buns, side braids, and other options can easily be comfortable and yet professional.

Makeup for Online Meetings

The lighting will likely make you a bit washed out since makeup is not mandatory. Defining your brows, adding a bit of blush and/or tinted lip balm, and if you feel comfortable with it, some mascara can contribute to countering the wash out.

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