Hair Secrets in South Burlington, VT; How to Properly Air Dry, Brush, Detangle, Wash & Condition Hair & More

Everyone wants glorious locks of hair, whether they wear it short or long, or even funky or conservative. Proper care and maintenance are the essentials to healthy, beautiful hair, but for some people, extras are needed. For example, those with dry hair will need to moisturize more often and those with oily hair may have to do weekly clarifying shampoo treatments. Where there are many trade secrets, you would be surprised to learn some simple tricks that everyone should know. Today, we at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to share these unknown secrets that you should know to have healthy, well-maintained hair.

Hair Growth & Care Secrets

1) Detangle Before Shampooing. Before shampooing and conditioning, be sure to brush and detangle your hair. This will allow the product to be more effective throughout your hair from root to ends.
2) Clean Hair Brushes & Tools. To avoid product buildup, be sure to clean your tools at least once month. This includes brushes, combs, clips, hot tools, and other paraphernalia you use in you to style your hair.
3) How to Air-Dry Hair. Massage the roots of your hair after towel drying for more volume so that it does not dry flat to your scalp when you opt to let your hair air dry.
4) How to Condition Hair. Be sure to let the conditioner set for at least 60 seconds before rinsing and only condition your hair from the mid-shaft down to the tips. Avoid the scalp area or you can make your hair oily since the scalp will naturally produce oils.
5) Put Conditioner on Wet Hair. To help your hair better absorb the conditioner better, be sure to wring your wet hair out in the shower before applying conditioner.
6) How to Brush Hair. Starting at the ends moving up to the roots, only brush wet hair gently with a wide tooth comb. Otherwise, you can cause unavoidable breakage.
7) How to Wash Hair Properly. Only shampoo your scalp down to mid-shaft, not the ends of your hair, in the event you have notoriously dry hair.
8) Hairline Filler. Use an eyeshadow that’s the same color of your root hair for a stronger hairline to fill an inconsistent hairline, such as postpartum hair wings that often manifest.
9) Protect Hair from heat. Protect your hair from hot tools. Be sure to apply a thermal protecting hair product first if you are going to use tools that expose your hair to extreme heat regularly. Use a product that has Vitamin B5 will coat the hair to protect it from damage while conditioning and repairing previous damage.
10) Protect Hair from Sun. Though this is especially critical in the summer, it is a tip that should be followed year. Though the sun’s rays are not threatening like it is to our skin, it can lead to dry, brittle and dull-looking hair. To prevent excessive dehydration of the hair, particularly in the summertime, use shampoos, conditioners and leave-in conditioners that offer UVA and UVB protection.

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