Best Night Time Hair Care Routine for Natural Hair Growth in South Burlington, VT; Sleep with Hair Down & More

Many people have nighttime routines, more often than not, for their skin and few have it for their hair. As a result, you probably think about skincare When you hear the words “nighttime routine.” We often do not think about the fact that our hair also uses this downtime to restore itself as we sleep. Today we have decided to offer a few of the top tips to improve your nighttime hair routine since we at Hed2Toe Salon & Consignment Luxury Boutique want to help the overall health of your hair.

Should You Sleep with Your Hair Up or Down?

You might think that sleeping with your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail is harmless, unfortunately, the tension can put a strain on your scalp and lead to hair damage. We recommend sticking with a classic braid instead since it is not a bad idea to keep your hair away from your face. When your hair rubs against your pillow, breakage can easily occur to your ends. You can reduce the bedhead and wake up with gorgeous heatless waves from the braids.

Is it Bad to Sleep with Wet Hair

Being very important to dry your hair completely before bed to prevent tugging and breakage since when the hair is wet it is at its most vulnerable. As there are a number of time-saving benefits to washing your hair at night, you will want give yourself an extra hour or two to allow it to air dry, or give it a good blowout before bed while using a heat protectant, of course.

Silk or Satin Pillowcase for Hair?

Trading up to a high-quality silk pillowcase will do wonders for your hair and skin, though it might seem like a bit of an investment. Especially if you toss and turn at night, silk is a much gentler fabric than cotton, and the smaller fibers of the material will help prevent damage to your delicate ends.

Wrap Hair with Silk Scarf for Sleeping

In addition to the silk pillowcases, sleeping with a chic silk head scarf takes your beauty sleep to the next level. The scarf will help protect your ends and maintain your hairstyle just like the silk pillowcase. Wearing a silk scarf while you sleep will help preserve those precious curls or braids and prevent that inevitable “just woke up” frizz no matter if it is on day one or day two hair.

Overnight Hair Treatment

Though it sometimes the 15-30-minute masks just won’t cut it since it is important to include masks and treatments in your weekly hair care routine. Your hair is left ultra-hydrated when you leave it on overnight will turn it into an intensive repairing treatment. We recommend you try this once or twice a month, depending upon your hair type. If you are unsure about what products are ideal for your hair, you can ask your stylists for assistance.

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