Can Over Bleaching Hair, Vitamin Deficiency or Medications Cause Permanent Hair Loss in South Burlington, VT?

Where it is almost common to see men with hereditary hair loss, most simply accept it, but when women experience hair loss, they tend to be more concerned about what could be causing it. Ultimately, you will want to consult a physician to determine why you are experiencing hair thinning. However, today, we at Hed2Toe Salon and Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to offer some common reasons why people experience hair thinning to help get you started.

Can Bleaching Hair Cause Permanent Hair Loss?

Bleach blondes experience a lot of “chemical hair cuts and texturizing”. Over bleaching of hair eventually breaks down the structure of the hair, making it vulnerable and easily broken off. Bleach is not the only offender, perms and relaxers can have similar effects when they are overused on the same treated hair. Should you suspect your hair is thinning due to over chemical use, take time with your hair, consider letting it go natural, use plenty of reconstruction masks and leave in conditioners to let your hair heal.

Anti-Depressants & Medications Can Cause Hair Loss

Certain medications have side effects that can cause hair loss. If you have been taking any medications, talk to your doctor about potential alternatives. In some cases, you might have to accept the hair loss to take the necessary medical treatment.

Vitamin Deficiency Can Cause Hair Loss

A person’s diet is a major factor in hair loss. When you are deficient zinc, iron, and/or protein, your hair may experience thinning. When you are suspecting nutrition deficiency, you can consult a dietician or your doctor to help you adjust your diet and get the proper nutrients you need.

Illnesses Can Cause Hair Loss

There are many medical conditions that can impact the hair loss. Your thyroid can be the culprit. According to experts, noticeable hair loss can sometimes point to an underactive thyroid. Having your doctor order blood tests can help you determine if the thyroid is functioning efficiently. To get the thyroid back on track, your doctor will prescribe medication if the thyroid proves to be the issue.

Hereditary Hair Loss

Just as men experience hair loss through their genes, women can experience hair loss due to genetics as well. Some products have been known to rejuvenate the hair growth that your hair stylist can help you find.

Hair Loss Due to Stress & Anxiety

Stress affects us all and affects us all differently. However, it is not unheard of for people to experience their hair thinning due to stress. Where it can be hard to alleviate stress, mediation, working out, removing the stressful components from your life, or even medication can be used to help reduce stress.

Sleep Hair Loss is Reversible

Sleep is important for your overall health. Sleep deprivation, like stress, can affect people differently. Insufficient or poor sleep patterns have been linked to people who notice their hair is thinning. Poor sleeping habits can also be the cause of high level of stress, medical issues, medicine side effects, along with other reasons. When suffering from sleep hair loss, a person’s hair doesn’t fall out, rather just thin and the good news is that it’s reversible.

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Between your hair stylist and physician, we can work together to help you find the reasons as to why the hair is thinning and possible solutions. Until you find the cause however, we at Hed2Toe Salon and Luxury Consignment Boutique can help you find the right cut, styling aids, and products to help improve the health of your hair.

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