Consignment VS Thrift Store VS Resale Shop in South Burlington, VT; Buying Process of Second Hand Clothing

Many people are dedicated to actively doing what they can to be “green” in respect to the environment and perhaps to save money. In addition to their commitments, many find that discovering of vintage and unique pieces a thrill. With the many reasons to shop at secondhand stores spanning a vast spectrum of motivation, the secondhand shopping beginners are often unsure where to start and how to find the better selections. Today, we at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to discuss the basics concerning consignment versus thrift versus resale.

Differences Between Thrift Stores, Consignment & Resale

The differences between thrift stores, consignment and resale options. A significantly different shopping experiences and product discoveries are among the separate options that can be provided. Items spanning a wider range of quality are generally offered through thrift stores and they tend to be a bit less expensive. Though not necessarily, they often benefit a charitable organization as well. On the other hand, consignment and resale shops will usually offer more curated collections and limit the amount of lower quality items they offer. Shoppers generally see higher prices and a focus on higher quality brands and pieces as a result.

Buying Process of Second Hand Clothing Stores

With respect to the buying process and having more expensive and curated collections than thrift stores, resale and consignment shops are similar. The difference relates to the method of payout for the seller, though both offer secondhand goods for sale. A resale shop generally pays the seller, such as the original owner, for the items upfront and, consequently, bares the risk of sale themselves. With goods still effectively owned by the seller, a consignment shop, however, stocks their shelves. Only when the product is sold, the seller receives a portion of the sale price as compensation. So, the original owner never gets paid if the product doesn’t sell. The more likely it is to be sold on consignment instead of through resale by the more expensive an item, though it is not a general rule.

Payment of Used Clothing & Accessories

While consignment and resale shops offer a portion of the sale proceeds back to the original owner, thrift stores typically receive their product via donation. To receive some financial return on their discarded goods, those with higher quality and especially designer brand, the goods ready to “recycle” are more inclined to take them to consignment shops. All depending on the target of your search, both can turn up great finds. A consignment shop might just be your designer brand source if instead you’re looking to make a serious investment in a new pair of high-end designer shoes or an expensive handbag. Resale shops will likely offer a hybrid of items and brands.

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With consignment stores offering better quality, more attention is brought to the preparation of the sale as well. When you want to get the best items for your closet, Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique offers a wide rage of selections to our Burlington, VT clients. Stop by to see the great finds we have to offer.

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