Types of Perms in South Burlington, VT; Spiral, Body Wave, Multi Textured, Volumizing, Loose Wave Perm & More

Spring is often the time when people consider perming their hair. Whether they are looking to add volume, tighter curls, or simply wanting texture, there are several types of perms to choose from. Today, we at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to briefly cover a few of the more common types of perms.

Spiral Perm

With long perm rods, spiral perms result in cascading curls or ringlets that are usually extremely tight. They appear to be tightly wound spirals or corkscrews. Depending on the chemicals used and the size of the perm rod will dictate how tight the perm is. The results vary from salon so be sure to convey how tight you want.

Body Wave Perm

Generally, when a client is looking for volume, a body perm is recommended. The curls will be larger on women with hair that is naturally quite straight and ideally for those with thin or flat hair. With loose, gentle waves, volume is added to otherwise lifeless hair.

Multi Textured Perm

A multi-textured perm is the solution for people who don’t want their perm looking to uniform and unnatural. The curls end up varying sizes throughout your hair since at least 2 different size rods are used. This perm is better suited for long hair and is described as a more natural curl.

Volumizing Stacked Perm

Due to the fact it adds a lot of volume to hair, stacked perms work better for women with hair of all one length, as opposed to layered. Stacked perms can compliment any face shape since the focus is on curling only close to the ends of the hair, giving hair volume and creating the illusion of layers.

Loose Wave Perm

If you are not totally committed to having super curly or wavy hair, loose wave perms are a great option. Something that fits in the summertime and on the beach, as the name suggests, loose wave perms gives a beach wave look. Though it looks good on any length of hair, it is extremely stunning on long hair.

Partial Perm

Partial perms involve perming only the bottom half of your hair, or in some cases, just the bottom of the hair, leaving the nearest hair to your scalp completely straight. This method tends to be a much manageable style than most other perms and adds volume to hair without going overboard. This perm is a great tool for those that like tying their hair up.

Volumizing Perm

Fairly simply put, a volumizing perm adds volume to your hair. As a general guideline, they tend to use quite tight curls to create extra volume, though you can get this perm in a variety of curl styles. To add even more volume, this perm is usually executed with lots of small curls opposed to a few loose big ones. Where it is not as manageable as the loose wave perm, it does get noticed.

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