Fashion Dress Tips for How to Be a Professional & Stylish Business Woman in Burlington, VT

Whether you are running your own small business or work for a Fortune 500 Company, you need to possess certain circles as you continue to compete in the business world. In order to meet with clients, investors, donors, or other business professionals, you will need to dress the part. Dressing for the business situation can make a big influence in who you are dealing with. You don’t need to wear your suit to send an email at 2 a.m., but you do need have the right attire when meeting in person or video conferencing. Today we at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to offer tips for the professional women when you don’t want to sacrifice fashion, but still be taken seriously in the business world.

Business Meeting Dress Code

You don’t want to make an impression due to your lacy top or stilettos but rather for your business sense. Keep in mind why and who you are meeting with and do not upstage, an event, or the person you are meeting with your attire. Be sure your accessories are modest and tasteful.

Formal Business Attire Standards

In the professional world, the standard suit still has a strong place. Serving as standard business attire for women, a tailored dress, or a tailored skirt/pants with blouse and jacket give a more polished and professional look than casual dress. If ever in doubt trust in business attire standards.

Business Casual Examples

To various companies, the term business-casual means different things. In formal dealings that are usually avoided, women can wear capri pants or long shirts for business-casual. Keep in mind you are projecting an image of a serious and successful business professional, not coming from child’s play date or a day at the gym.
Tips for dressing for business success. Below are some guidelines for your fashionable business attire when attending meetings and events.

Women’s Tailored Fit Clothing

Tailored clothing is always fashionable. Invest in few interchangeable high-quality outfits as opposed to several poor-quality outfits.
Color and Patterns: A standards attire for business women is conservative colors and fabrics; blacks, grays, and navy-blue suits are all fashionable, but avoid wearing the black cocktail dress for the business meeting. Where you want to stay with latest fashions, you do not want to distract potential clients with purple polka dots. Solid colors are safe and plaids and subtle patterns that appear solid from across a room. Other distracting clothing is fabrics with high sheen and wide stripes.
Slacks and Suits: Wearing pants can be very fashionable, be sure they are tailored. Resist fabrics such as denim and heavy cotton materials and stick with trill, khaki, and corduroy. Keep your tailored pants and suits well maintained, wrinkle free, and hemmed. Even if you have an ideal figure, do not wear overly tight pants.
Dresses and Skirts: Where color and material play a role, so does the length when it comes to business dresses and skirts. A good guideline is that these clothing articles are too short if they expose too much thigh when your legs crossed or uncrossed while sitting. Slits should also be modest and small, preferable in the back center and know higher than the back of the knee.
Sweaters and Shirts: Blouses tailored, color-coordinates, and nothing that shows cleavage is ideal. Avoid tops too form-fitting or sheer.
Shoes and Accessories: Closed-toed pumps that compliment the color of your outfit is a good fail-safe. Avoid flat soled-shoes, stilettos, or chunky heels. Accessories should be subtle and modest as well. Keeping them chic and classy is the goal for your professionalism.

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