How Do I Sell My Designer Second Hand Clothes, Bags & Luxury Clothing Items in Burlington, VT?

Consignment shops are becoming more and more popular for those that love the best in fashion. Luxury consignment can be beneficial to the seller and the buyer. It’s a great way to wear designer brands for a fraction of the cost. Luxury consignment shops provide a place to sell and buy designer clothes and accessories without the high costs or added hassle. Consumers can get more designer items and sellers have the chance to sell more clothing.

Benefits to Seller of Selling on Consignment

• You probably have a closet full of clothes you never wear. Consignment is a great way to clean out your closet and make some cash at the same time. You even get to have some control over the price it will all sell for.
• Selling your unwanted or unneeded clothing allows you to declutter your closet. Less clothing means less choices. That makes it easier to decide what you want to wear and get out the door on time!
• Selling becomes easier because consignment provides access to a larger audience.
• You can be sure you’ll get exactly what you deserve with the security that comes with luxury consignment.
• All the clothing you bring into consignment is put through brand-specific, multi-point inspections. Consignment employees are experts that have knowledge about what they are buying. That means sellers are getting exactly what they are paying for.
• When you recycle your clothing, you are making a green choice. Buying clothing that is already made means less needs to be replaced.
• When you buy your clothing, you do it because it means something to you. This can make it difficult to get rid of. Sellers can be sure that the clothes they loved will be passed onto someone that will love them just as much.

Pros of Buying from Consignment Shops

• The best items are hand-selected and available for you to purchase so you can be confident that the items you buy are authentic. Your closet will be the envy of all your friends.
• Anything you purchase can be resold after you’re done with them. Recycling goes on and on.
• You can buy less clothing overall because designer clothing is better quality. That means they will last longer.
• Even though you’re are buying high-end items you are actually saving money because you are buying high-end items at 50-90% off.
• Another benefit for buyers is that you’ll be getting one of a kind items that haven’t been mass produced.
• New items are added every day. It’s like a treasure hint every time you go to shop. You just never know what you’ll find!

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If you have designer brand clothing you are wanting to sell on consignment, call Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment today to get started. We make the whole process easy and stress free and will happily walk you through it. And if you are in the market for buying, we can assist you in finding the perfect items according to your taste and budget. If you have a taste for designer clothes but you don’t have the money to pay those prices, then luxury consignment is for you. Are you looking for a specific brand? Come by Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment to see what we have in stock today!

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