How to Grow Out Short Hair in South Burlington, VT; Healthy Products for Hair Growth & More

Hair can be changed easily enough, which makes it fun to explore colors, cuts, and styles. Whether you want to dye it, cut it off, or style it in the way you desire, the versatility gives you so many options. Unlike many things in life, it is easy to change and control, which is why many people love hair. When it comes to some circumstances, it can be challenging to get to something new, such as going from a short to longer styles. Quite a few ladies experiment with chopping their hair off and sporting a trendy, cute, and girly pixie cut for instance. However, though some women prefer to keep the cropped hair, others prefer the longer locks and we at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to offer some tips on how to grow out the short cuts.

Hair Barrettes, Headband & Other Hair Accessories

When you are growing out your pixie cut, hair accessories are your best friend. Use headbands, scarves, barrettes, bandanas, hats, and anything else you can find to jazz up your hair. Be sure to accessorize and try different styles while having fun with your hair. As you grow it out and try new styles at every length, embrace the different lengths of your hair.

Maintain Short Hair

Though it may seem counterintuitive, keeping the back short while you work on growing the front and top out really helps keep it looking less like a mullet while maintaining a tamer style. Until your hair reaches that point and then let it all grow out together, keep the hairline around your neck short and clean. Rather than the mullet we mentioned before, this will allow you to get the look of a cute bob.

Understand Hair Expectations

You should know what to expect to begin with. Bowl cut lookalikes, along with other periods of awkward hair lengths will usually give you days you wish you did not have to go in public. You can make this long transition slightly less painful applying many of the tips offered today.

Healthy Products for Hair Growth

Be sure to use only healthy products in your hair. You need to keep it healthy while it is short in the event you want long and healthy hair. You need to keep it healthy while it is short if you want long and healthy hair. During awkward transition, styling products can also help you create different looks and make your hair look better. To keep your hair stylish, you can keep sleek it back, spike it up, try braids, and use different products.

Have Patience Growing Hair

While growing your hair out is to be patient is another important thing to remember. Especially if your end goal is longer than shoulder length, this is going to be a long process. You need to wait it out and have fun with the different lengths in any case. Do not get discouraged since this process could take months if not longer.

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