What Does Waxy Hair Build Up Look Like in South Burlington, VT? Hard to Style, Limp, Flat, Dull & Lifeless Hair

When it comes to your style most people use their hair to make a statement. The color of your hair, cut and style that you choose says a lot about you. The color that you choose can be a bright blonde to a beautiful dark and mysterious jet black haired beauty. Like most people you probably have a series of styles that you use such curling, braiding, straightening and more. You want to make sure that your hair is healthy and easy to style and that is why you want to learn about your hair and when there is an issue. You might thing that hair is hair and there is nothing that you can do about it. The interesting thing is that many people are not caring for their hair properly and that is leading to lots of issues such as dry, frizzy and limp hair. You should know when to be concerned about your hair and when there is too much build up. Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique reveals how to tell your hair has build up that needs to be treated.

What Causes Waxy Build Up on Scalp & Hair?

There are a few factors that can cause build up on your hair. The most common reason is from using the wrong shampoo and conditioner on your hair. It can be hard to weed through the vast array of options so that is why you should rely on your hair dresser. They know the texture of your hair and can suggest a professional brand that will help not cause build up on your hair. The other reason that people have build up is from excessive washing of the hair. You should be able to leave your hair for several days before washing and if you are doing that the natural oils of the hair will be a great benefit. If you wash too often you are removing these oils that your hair needs.

Build Up on Hair Makes it Hard To Style

Have you ever been trying to curl your hair or style it and it will just not hold the style. The hair is telling you that it is too heavy and that it has a lot of build up. The hair is being weighted down and this is making it so that it will be hard to hold when you try and curl it. The hair may curl then start to fall out right away. You also might notice that it will not even curl the way that it normally does.

Limp, Flat & Lifeless Hair

There are some styles that require your hair to be smooth and sleek while other need to have volume. The problem is when you need to have volume to create a style and your hair comes across as limp and lifeless. This means that there is build up and it is weighing down the hair. It is best to have your hair treated by a professional.

Dull Hair

Your natural hair should have a shine to it and if you are noticing that it looks dry and has no shine there is build up. The build up is covering the natural hair. This will cause the oils that help to create a beautiful and natural shine to decrease and leave your hair looking dry.

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