What to Do Before Dying Hair or Having Hair Cut or Styled at a Hairdressing Salon in South Burlington, VT

Most woman will visit the hair salon through their life. There are many that choose to go have their hair done professionally on a regular basis. Hair is something that is always growing and the styles that we choose will change through your life. Some people like to change their hair up often while others love a style and will stay with it for years. No matter what visiting a salon to have your hair done is not something that you want to do on a whim. People can say that it is just hair but it is your hair and you will have to live with it and style it so you should be happy with the outcome. There are things that you can do when you are preparing for a trip to the hair salon. Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique outlines how to prepare for your visit to the hair salon.

Be Ready for a Change in Appearance

When you go to the hair salon you need to be prepared for a change. There are some people that don’t like change and they might not be ready for a change at the salon. You want to be prepared that you will have a change in your look and that the way that you do your hair will likely change. Mentally prepare that you will look different when you walk out of the salon.

Know what Hair Cut, Color & Style You Want

Most people think they want to change their hair style, color and cut and will look for inspiration. This can be a celebrity that you love the way their hair looks. It can be a model that is showing off the latest hair style or color. What you want to do is to have some photos about what you like and what you might want. These are a great starting point so that the stylist will know what you want to end up with. The stylist will then look at your photos as well as look at your current style, texture and face shape to make a determination on what will work and what just won’t. You cannot go to a salon thinking you will come out with the exact look of your favorite reality star or music icon. The problem is that they may have a different face shape and texture and length of hair then you do. That means if you get the exact cut, color and style it can and often will look different on you then it does in the pic. You want to make sure that you are ready to be flexible when talking with your stylist.

Learn How to Style Your Short, Medium or Long Layers etc

Once your new cut and color is done you want to make sure that you pay attention to the styling process. It can vary from what you are used to and this will be important to note. That way when you are home and have to style your hair you can get the same salon look that you leave with. You also should ask about what products might work best to get you the right look.

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