Hair Myths Busted in South Burlington, VT; Does Trimming, Washing and/or Brushing Your Hair Promote Growth?

Like with any subject, there are many myths that surround hair. From how you care for it to how you should wear it. There can be volumes written in regard to these myths in order to set the record straight. Today, we at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to touch on a few of these myths.

Does Cutting Hair Make it Grow Faster?

Follicles on your scalp, determine how fast and how much your hair grow, according to medical experts and cutting the ends of your hair doesn’t affect the follicles. Whether or not you cut you hair, on average, hair grows a ¼ inch every month. Breakage is what makes hair look thinner at the ends and shorter, so getting rid of the split ends reduces hair breakage. To maintain a length and healthy hair, schedule a trim every 8 weeks. If you are growing it out, schedule a trim every 10-12 weeks to control the split ends and avoid the breakage.

Is it Bad to Use the Same Shampoo All the Time?

To keep your hair clean, you do not need to practice shampoo rotation. Be sure your shampoo correlates with your hair. If you have colored hair, use color shampoo, moisture shampoo if your hair is dry, especially if you use blow dryers and hot tools regularly. Some people like to alternate shampoo because they have a few favorites.

Does Rinsing Hair with Cold Water Make it Shinier?

Though many hairstylists share this myth like gospel truth, the reason makes it a myth. Some say the cool water makes the cuticle of your hair close so it’s flat and light-reflective instead of ruffled and dull-looking. However, hair contains no living cells, so it doesn’t react to cold or hot water. To smooth the cuticle, use conditioners and styling products that contain silicones and oils. Rinsing the conditioner in cool water helps keep a thin residue coating to help if you have fly-away hair. Be sure to limit the damage to your hair from straightening treatments, hot tools, and dyeing often.

Should You Brush Hair 100 Strokes a Day?

To add shine to your hair, you’ve probably heard that rigorous brushing will distribute the natural oils from your scalp. Brushing is also said to stimulate blood flow to your scalp and boost hair growth. Unfortunately, neither of these are true. Vigorous brushing actually causes friction on hair, which leads to cuticle damage and breakage, making hair lusterless and frizzy. Use the right tools to brush your hair minimally, only to detangle or style. Ideally a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush with ball-tipped, plastic bristles are best.

Can You Train Your Hair to Be Washed Less?

Your scalp produces the same amount of oil, no matter how frequently you shampoo according to medical experts. Genetics and hormones determine the amount of oil they produce so reducing back on shampooing will have no effect on your sebaceous glands. However, letting dirt accumulate on your scalp and clogging hair follicles leads to inflammation and irritation that might stunt hair growth. When it comes to how often you wash your hair, simply use your own judgment and wash your hair accordingly.

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