Dress Code in South Burlington, VT; Smart Casual, Business Attire, Semi-Formal Outfits, Black Tie & More

When it comes to the dress code, many people can be a little lost with the meaning. Today, we at Hed2Toe Salon & Luxury Consignment Boutique would like to help you decode the dress codes to make selecting your attire simpler.

Casual Dress Code

You can wear comfortable clothing since casual is basically a non-dress code. For guys, a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers are efficient, or you can step it up a notch with khakis, cargos, a polo shirt and you can fit in fine. Just be sure to avoid inflammatory or otherwise offensive graphic tees. For the ladies, you can wear your favorite jeans and a comfortable dress, or spice up your look with stylish top, jewelry or even a blazer. Since heels can sink into soft ground sneakers are better for outdoor events.

Business Casual Dress Code

Business Casual is what to wear to work at the office. For the men, polo shirt or other collared shirt paired with nice khakis is the usual and the appropriate shoes are dress shoes or loafers. Be sure to iron your shirt and pants to avoid wrinkles. For a less dressy feel than their solid counterparts, patterned collared shirts are a nice option. Women should wear dress pants or khakis with a fashionable top. Another option is a causal skirt, and for business casual, if you desire, you are free to dress up your outfit with heels, jewelry and/or accessories. Avoid overdoing it with makeup or perfume and keep your hair in your everyday style.

Smart Casual Dress Code

This is basically a combination of casual, business casual, and business dress codes. For the fellas, you can pair denim with a sport coat. Other options to mix are your khakis, trousers, ties and vests. Your denim should look somewhat dressy, fresh and sharp with no wear or holes. The gals, though you could also wear a nice pair of dark jeans dressed up with a collared or otherwise dressy top. For an extra touch of class, throw on a blazer and be sure to look stylish, sharp, and neatly put together.

Business / Informal Attire

Not to be confused with casual attire, informal attire may be a misnomer as it does call for a bit of formality. Often signaling the need for suits, ties and dresses, business and informal attire is more sophisticated than smart casual. The dudes should wear a business suit with tie, or you can opt for nice slacks with a sports jacket and tie. The dudetts, a business suit or business style dress with heels both high or low. Be sure to stick to business colors: black, navy blue, gray or brown for both business and informal dress codes.

Semi-Formal Outfits

Being just a notch below formal tuxedos and fancy gowns, semi-formal attire is a bit fancier than business attire. For him, a dark suit with long tie is exceptional. Being especially true for men, the more formal the dress code, the less expression you are allowed in determining your attire options. For her, break out that little black dress. Though you may also opt for dressy separates, most women will wear a classy short evening dress. Ladies should avoid dresses and skirts that are shorter than 1 inch above the knee.

Formal / Black Tie / Black Tie Optional

This is the fanciest of all dress codes, and you will likely be surrounded by a crowd full of tuxedos and floor-length gowns. The men should wear a tuxedo with all the frills such as a vest, cummerbund, cufflinks, and so forth. The ladies should wear a long, floor-length evening dress. It can also be appropriate to wear a very fancy dress that is not floor-length. Be sure the jewelry matches the occasion, and you need have your hair done in an elegant updo or partial updo.

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